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Reef/backcountry Fishing update 4/05/10

 With spring break going on in the past few weeks I have been running almost every day. It is the time of year that backcountry fishing is coming into its own. Close to home this past full moon has pushed a lot of tarpon our way and most of the fish are in the10 to 30 lbs range but a few lunkers up to 60 lbs are milling around. Farther in the backcountry I have spotted some bigger fish up to 80 lbs plus. Trout fishing has been good with some nice sized fish up to 24" while fishing shallow grass beds in 2 foot of water or less. A few Reds or black drum are mixed in with the trout. West of Flamingo the drum fishing has been more consistent. Tons of mangrove snapper in most all creeks and also abundant on the shorelines with jacks and occasional snook mixed in.Snook fishing has taken a hard hit this winter with record cold snaps, there are a few around but not as good as it should be this time of year. Still backcountry fishing has been a good bet with decent action and some good fish.


        Reef fishing has also been very good as water temps on the inside have stabilized in the 70 deg. range.

mangrove,lanes,muttons,hogfish and assorted jacks are on the inside reefs, also hade a run of good size pompano show up this past week. Lots of ballyhoo coming into the chum line with Spanish and cero macks blasting threw them. Sharks are common on most trips on the inside reefs. Outside on the edge in 50 to 80 feet of water good yellowtails,hogfish,assorted grouper,macks and jacks are keeping the rods bent. Even had a run one day of bluefish up to 4 lbs migrating threw. Reef fishing has still been the best bet for variety. Seeing different fish almost every day out. Right know the gulfstream has moved in with some dolphin showing up but the action is sporatic.If the wind keeps blowing east and we don't get any more cold fronts and west winds this fishing could bust open any day now.

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For reservations and information call Capt. Bob at 305-451-3322.


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