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Key Largo Offshore/Reef Fishing 1/31/10

Did a late morning offshore trip with 3 anglers this weekend .Cold front shut the dolphin down that day. Found some scattered weed with some bait around but no mahi after trying for like an hour. Changed the spread over to target Black fin tuna (anglers were into sushi) and headed to some bumps out in around 400 feet of water. Close Flat lines went off as soon as we hit the spot with a pair of Blackfins.Tuna continued to hit on every pass with Blackfin and skipjacks up to 16 lbs. Close flat lines got about 25% of the action but most of the fish were hooked on far lines (way Back) with Black and red  Feathers being the hot lure. Most hook ups were singles but we did hit pairs at least 3 or 4 times. Constant tuna action on the troll not bad for such a bright afternoon.

           Went out Sunday a.m. on a  half day inshore reef trip .Action came right off with bonefish that found there way off the flats to 25 feet of water. They must have known the cold front was coming, Anyway we got 6 or 7 bones (anglers loved it) and then picked away at snapper type fish (muttons,yellows,porgys) and lots of jacks plus a red grouper. Live Ballyhoo got in the chum line and we ended the day with a bunch of Spanish and cero macks to 8 lbs. Thanks Anglers Barry and Kathleen (Brother and sister) for a fun morning.

Tight lines Capt. Bob

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For reservations and information call Capt. Bob at 305-451-3322.


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Thanks Bob 

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