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Key Largo Backcountry Fishing 1/22/10

Took the ride back 2 days this week, both 1/2 day trips so we did not go all the way to Flamingo. Water temps in the shallows came back from the cold of last week but were still a bit on the chilly side in the eastern bay. We decided to go for trout as they seem to hold up pretty good when its a bit cool, Along the ride we did spot a lot of big snook floating that did not make it, also saw 6 or 7 big (40 lb) goliath grouper and lots of smaller snapper on the top as well. It was  disturbing to say the least. The first day was glassy and the water was gin clear. We rode until I found a small patch of milky water and we were soon in to trout, the fish were eating good and did respond to artificial lures and live shrimp but most of them were short with a hand full of fish being legal.Moved into a creek and it was loaded with snapper up to 14" but no other species to be found.

      Day 2 the wind was up and the water felt a bit warmer. Hit a few spots for trout and found legal size fish but not many. Rode the boat to a shallow cove and it was muddy with mullet stirring up the bottom. First cast got hit and we were into every cast fishing. Most all the trout were legal and lots of lady fish mixed in as well. Decided to keep 9 fish and then just got a bunch more for fun and a few snapper fun trip, all  anglers had super action and had a great time.

Tight lines Capt. Bob


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For reservations and information call Capt. Bob at 305-451-3322.


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Thanks Bob 

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