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 Key Largo Fishing Report 4/7/14 Backcountry/ Reef /Offshore Fishing

in the shallows we have found snook,big jacks, snapper and redfish.Trout,pompano,ladyfish.. .. ..Snapper and grouper,hogfish,.. .. .. .. dolphin around 8lbs not to far out beyond the reef 


Key Largo Fishing Report 2/21/14 Offshore/Inshore Reef fishing

mixing it up with all kinds of fishing.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. hitting some nice muttons,groupers,sharks,big.. .. .. .. .. .. Dolphin,Kingfish and Wahoo

Key Largo Fishing Report 11/04/13-Backcountry/Reef Fishing

Florida bay is know open to fishing again... .. .. .. Lots of small snook and some big ones around as well.Redfish,snapper,seatrout,jacks and.. .. .. reefs in 18 to 25  feet of water has been productive

Key Largo Fishing Report 10/11/13/ Inshore Reef Fishing

nice hogfish on all trips... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. chunky mangrove snapper, yellowtails,cero macks,mutton,.. .. .. .. .. .. We did hook and fight about a 20 lb permit

Key Largo Fishing Report 7/10/13/Backcountry/Offshore Fishing

Key largo Fishing is well in to our summer pattern.. .. .. .. .. .. ..  big sea trout around,Redfishing is good as well and some black drum.. .. .. .. .. Dolphin and a few summer sail fish as well

Key Largo Fishing Report 6/10/13/Offshore/Reef Fishing

Dolphin was our target fish and we found them everyday this week.. .. ..  .. .. .. .. .. boated good yellowtails, mangrove and mutton snapper

 Key Largo Fishing Report 5/22/13  Backcountry/Reef Fishing

Shorelines are also holding snook,redfish, jacks and .. .. .. .. .. .. ..on the reef snapper,grouper,cero macks,porgies,jacks,sharks and cuda.

Key Largo Fishing Report 4/10/13 Backcountry/Inshore Reef Fishing

Snook bite is back on with some fish up to around 10 lbs, also.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .Key Largo Reef fishing has been very mixed bag in the past week. Every day has shown us different species. Still a light tackle casting type of fishing.. .. .. .. ..

Key Largo Fishing Report 3/31/13 Inshore Reef Fishing

Fishing Key Largo just a few miles out on the Atlantic side this past week we had good action with a decent variety of fish... .. .. .. .. .. macks,mutton snapper,cudas and even bagged a Wahoo on spin one trip

Key Largo Fishing Report 3/20/13  Backcountry Fishing

Key largo Backcountry fishing in the eastern bay in the past week has been very good.. .. .. .. .. .. .Lots of big trout around with redfish, snapper,ladyfish and big jacks

 Key Largo Fishing Report 2/27/13 Inshore Reef and Backcountry Fishing

fishing shrimp, cut baits and live ballyhoo we started out with Mutton snappers and Big cero macks... .. ... .... .. ..  .. .. .. .. .. .. ..Mixed in with the snook are some big jack crevell,mangrove snapper and redfish.

Key Largo Fishing Report 2/18/13 Backcountry/Inshore Reef

Most all trips are catching the top three species (snook,trout and redfish) witch is considered a backcountry slam. . .. .. .. .. fishing the reefs off Key Largo we got mangrove and mutton snapper,yellowtails

Key Largo Fishing Report 1/28/13 Inshore Reef/Backcountry Fishing/ Everglades Interior lakes

 Lots of good sized yellowtails and snapper on the rocks in 25 feet of water. Grouper as well but .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Lots of good sized trout,reds,snook and small tarpon all on lures.. .. .. .. we can get fresh water fish next to salt water fish.

Key Largo Fishing Report 1/12/13 Reef/Backcountry Fishing

Snapper bite was hot with nice size mangroves, yellowtails and hogfish. Also in the mix we found.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .Fishing the Backcountry out of Key Largo this week was also good but you had to pick your spots

Key Largo Fishing Report 12/30/12 Reef/Backcountry Fishing

Key Largo Reef fishing is good year round but it is in the cooler months that are the most productive for fishing the shallow rocks with light tackle.  .. .. .. .. Backcountry fishing has remained good with trout,snook and redfish.

 Key Largo Fishing Report 11/29/12

Key Largo backcountry fishing has been really good in the past weeks. we had our first real cold front of the year and that has moved lots of reds and snook  in to the shallows.  ..  .  .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .Offshore of key largo there are sails and kings at the

Key Largo Fishing Report 6/22/12

fishing off Key Largo has been good for all types of trips. Inshore reef, offshore dolphin, backcountry and night snapper has been good. .. .. .. .. .. .On the reef we have found hogfish,macks,snapper,grouper,permit,.. .. .. .. Night fishing has been good with yellowtails and

Key Largo Offshore Fishing Report 5/19/12

Fish came in from singles to 3 at a time, things got crazy and it was great fun.

  Key Largo Offshore Fishing Report 5/15/12

Ran in to good school Dolphin on all trips... .... ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . ... .. .Wahoo and Kingfish as well. Action was

Key Largo Backcountry Fishing Report 5/7/12

Shoreline casting has been holding redfish,jacks,snapper and sheepshead..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  ..  .. As for the snook fishing most fish have been in the creeks and pot holes on the flats, also in decent numbers.

Key Largo Fishing Update 4/15/12

Still lots of action drifting over the grass flats in 2 to 4 feet of water with sea trout,pompano,.. .. .. .. .. Grouper both red and blacks on most all trips and hogfish as well.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .Got offshore a few times in the past weeks and found some good school dolphin,Kingfish,

Key Largo Backcountry/Inshore Reef Fishing 3/20/12

 Spring break is here and lots of families with kids in the Keys. Fast action puts smiles on the faces of these young anglers and the waters off Key Largo have not disappointed them... .. .. .. .. .. Backcountry has also been very good with the warm winter that seems to be everywhere this year.

Key Largo Backcountry/Inshore Reef Fishing 2/27/12

Lots of trips in the last few weeks to the inshore reef and backcountry.. .. .. .. .. .. Shoreline casting has been good for redfish, snapper, and jacks. Sea trout are on the grass flats and the creeks are holding all of the above plus.. .. .. .. muttons, grouper mostly gags but reds and blacks as well,hogfish

Key Largo Backcountry/ Inshore Reef Fishing 2/08/12

We had our limit of trout in a few drifts over the grass beds. Moving along we moved up on the shallow flats and got in to redfish up to 7 lbs and boated a dozen. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..  Reef is still hot with all varieties of snapper,hogfish,and some good size black and red groupers.

Key Largo shallow Reef Fishing 1/17/12

Out on the reef since my last report fishing is still fast action with lots of species. In the past 2 weeks we have boated

snappers including lanes,mangroves,yellowtails and muttons... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .

Key Largo Reef Fishing 12/30/11

This week fishing the shallow reefs off Key Largo has been a very productive trip. For the the most part we had wind from a different direction every day as a mild cold front passed threw. Seas have been 1 or 2 foot and the weather is just beautiful.

Key Largo Reef /Backcountry Fishing 12/11/11

Lots of action on the inside rock piles and a wide range of species have been showing up. Snappers include mangrove,muttons,yellowtail and lane. Groupers both red and black.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .snook,reds,trout,snapper,jacks and ladyfish. the action is on the far end but not all the way to Flamingo.

Key Largo Reef Fishing 10/08/11

Home from summer in Wyoming a few weeks now and back to running charters in the keys...... .... ....Muttons,nice mangroves, and yellowtails. grouper both red and black are around as well.


Key Largo Fishing Update 5/23/11

With light winds and calm seas the offshore fishing has been the way to go this week. Lots of Dolphin from the reef line on out. Most all fish we ran into have been good size with a few slammers as well ( around 30 lbs).

Key Largo Backcountry Fishing 4/17/11

Got out in the backcountry this week in the eastern bay off Key Largo and found fish in every spot we hit.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..Winter is gone (down here anyway) and its a great time of year with lots of angling options in the Keys.

Key Largo Offshore Fishing 4/12/11

Lots of dolphin around and not to far. Good tide rips and lots of weed lines have been the norm. mostly school size fish under the birds with some fish up to around 20 lb

Key Largo Fishing Update 4/3/11

Almost instantly( just getting the 3rd line out) the two in the water went off with big skip jack tunas long runs and bent rods started the day.Re set up all 4 lines and hooked up all 4 with school size dolphin up to 6lbs.

 Key Largo Fishing Update  2/12/11

In the past 2 weeks with no cold fronts the water is know 74 to 77 deg. and this really got the fish going. Prior to the warm up it was a lot of macks,grouper,some muttons,porgys,jacks and shark. Now that it warmed up we are seeing all of the above and more snapper, hogfish and yellowtails. Lots of action inside

Key Largo Reef Fishing/Backcountry Fishing  12/23/10

Cool temps here in Key Largo for the past 3 weeks or so has moved a lot of grouper to the inside reefs.

Gags, blacks and reds are in numbers and eating just about anything. Live ballyhoo, cut bait and shrimp


Key Largo Reef Fishing/Backcountry Fishing  12/11/10

fishing is still good on the inside and in addition to the norm( all snappers,yellowtails,macks,hogfish,jacks ect.)we are starting to see some nice black and gag grouper showing up.


Key Largo Reef Fishing  11/17/10

Inside reef fishing is coming into its own this time of year and that means short runs to the fishing grounds( half days work well) so more time fishing not running, lots of action and a list of species to long to write.


Key Largo Reef Fishing  10/17/10

Fishing live ballyhoo on heavy spin we got nice muttons, big macks,shark,and cudas.Did not have to wait to long for a bite with live bait.


9/21/10  Key largo Offshore and Backcountry Fishing


Back to key largo have been out a handful of times.Offshore the main bite has been Blackfin tuna with a few wahoo.Trolling on the edge with a downrigger .. .. ..and hooked up some tarpon 100 lbs plus.


6/28/10  Key largo Reef / Backcountry Fishing

Night fishing on the edge of the reef line is on big time. Did 3 trips last week when it was calm and slammed nice yellow tails and mangrove snapper up to 5 lbs... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Got over 100 fish on artificials with trout up and over the 20'' mark. Limits where easy to get if the anglers wanted them.


6/14/10  Key largo Offshore Fishing

Just a Quick update on the offshore action off Key Largo. Gulf stream has been close in the past 2 weeks so fishing action starts as soon as wee cross the reef line about 5 miles off. just today we got a beautiful Black fin tuna just past the reef line in 100 feet of water,.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..With action this close 1/2 days are working well.


5/28/10  Key largo Backcountry/Offshore Fishing

Backcountry has been a popular trip in the last 2weeks.Lots of smaller tarpon close to home in local creeks cuts in the Key largo area. Farther into the backcountry .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. offshore This week we boated fish up to 25 lbs but I have had reports of fish over 40,the big ones are still around and should hang threw the next month. Black fin tuna have been hitting our flat line lures every trip out, 



Reef/offshore Fishing  5/8/10

Offshore is on ,Dolphin are in the gulf stream from school size to Slammers up to 50 lbs and every thing inbetween... .. .. .. .. .. Blackfin bite was also on . . .. .. .. ..From now threw June every thing is on(tarps,backcountry,reef and offshore)


Reef/backcountry Fishing update 4/18/10

 Lots of trips in the backcountry in the past weeks...  ..  ..  ..  .. Mixed in are jack crevell,bluefish,ladyfish and a few blackdrum.Tarpon fishing is holding up with smaller fish close to home up to 40 lbs and some big giants far in the backcountry. More tarpon will show up with the next full moon.


Reef/backcountry Fishing update 4/05/10

With spring break going on in the past few weeks I have been running almost every day. It is the time of year that backcountry fishing is coming into its own. Close to home this past full moon has pushed a lot of tarpon our way and most of the fish are in the10 to 30 lbs range


Reef Fishing 3/15/10

still hitting the reef on most trips as this has been the most solid bet. Inside fishing the patch has improved with ballyhoo starting to show up in the chum line. .. .. .. .. .. ..Mixed bag of grouper mostly reds and some strawberrys(they got to go back)


Key Largo Reef Fishing 3/2/10

Spanish macks,assorted jacks,shark and a good number of grouper out there.  .  .  .landed a 18 lb Black fin on 12 lb test.   .  .  .  .  .

Key Largo Backcountry/Reef Fishing 2/21/10

On the ocean side reef fishing has been doing very good. Between inside patch reefs and going out to the edge  fishing as deep as 65 to 105 feet of water. Fast action on the bottom with

red grouper, some really nice .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


Key Largo Offshore/Reef Fishing 1/31/10

headed to some bumps out in around 400 feet of water. Close Flat lines went off as soon as we hit the spot with a pair of Blackfins.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .



Key Largo Offshore Fishing 1/24/10

Found a rip with scattered weed and the downrigger hooked up a nice dolpin.Stayed with this for a while and ran in to dolphin 3 times .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .



Key Largo Backcountry Fishing 1/22/10

Rode the boat to a shallow cove and it was muddy with mullet stirring up the bottom. First cast got hit and we were into every cast fishing.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


Key Largo reef fishing 1/19/10 (record breaking cold snap last week

On the the way out the inside spots were showing 48 deg water temps so we pushed on to the outside beyond the reef line and found 68 to 70 deg temps.After making anchor on  one of my deep water spots

we got into instant action dropping.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


Key Largo reef fishing 12/27/09

Bite was fast with yellowtails,lanes,bluefish, assorted jacks,porgys, spanish macks,hogfish,lemmon shark and some nice size mutton snapper.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Key largo reef fishing 12/19 /09

Tons of muttons but lots of shorts although still finding a few fish in the 5-10lb range mostly on live ballyhoo and cut baits.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Key Largo Backcountry Fishing-11/20/09

After and during the hard blow followed by a weak cold front last week I have run some days in the backwaters of Everglades national park. While the wind was up we fished the eastern bay off Key largo. .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Key Largo Backcountry Fishing-8/24/09

Just got back yesterday after fly fishing cuts in the snake river near grand teton in Wyoming for the past month and checked out the backcountry today .  .  .  .  .  . 

Key Largo Backcountry Fishing-6/24/09

Winds out of the west for the past 2 weeks have been pushing the offshore action out to the 20 mile range and beyond so this past week I have been fishing the backcountry.  .  .  .  .  .  .

Key Largo Offshore Fishing 6/08/09

In the past month I have been offshore several times and the dolphin bite has been the most consistent I have seen in a few years.  .  .  .  .  .  .

Key Largo Backcountry Fishing-5/03/09

In the past month I have fished many days in the backcountry between key largo and Flamingo. Shorelines are holding snook,snapper and some good sized jack crevell.  .  .  . tarpon fishing has been close to home.



Tight lines Capt. Bob




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