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About 5 miles off Key Largo starts the outer reef line. It is here where 30' of water falls down to 100' and keeps on dropping. It’s along this drop-off and beyond were the indigo blue waters of the Gulf Stream begin. The Gulf Stream, a warm northerly flowing current is literally a highway for game fish. Sailfish, Tuna, Wahoo and Dolphin fish to name a few are all offshore fishing possibilities. Trolling baits and lures on the surface is the standard method of fishing. Hits are explosive, long runs and jumps follow as the fight begins. This is stand up fishing with relatively lighter tackle used. In most cases we use conventional tackle in the 20 to 30 lb category, although sometimes we will fish spin as light as 15 lb test. Key Largo Offshore fishing is a good bet year round. Check out Capt. Bob’s photo album for more offshore photos.

 big dolphin at the dock
          Big bull and cow Dolphin

sail on board

     Sailfish on board for a quick photo

            Tuna on light spin tackle

wahoo at the dock
 A nice Wahoo at the dock



Just a short ride on the Atlantic side of Key Largo lay numerous coral heads, rock piles and reefs. Snapper, Grouper and an endless variety of fish call the reef home. Many of the reefs that we fish are in 30' of water or less. When we fish inshore of the outside reef  line the wave height is much less then "beyond the reef "  1 to 2 foot chop is typical even on breezy days.  Fishing shallower reefs we don’t need to use big heavy sinkers that are common in deeper bottom fishing situations. This is a casting style of fishing with 12 to 20 lb spinning tackle being the most popular. Anchoring the boat a comfortable distance from the rocks we chum the fish out of the reef and sometimes right on the surface. Live and dead baits, artificial lures and fly-fishing all can work here. With fast action and a variety of species to long to list this is a fun trip for beginner anglers and experts as well. Fishing the shallow reefs can work year round, although fall, winter and early spring are the peak time. Check out Bobs Seasons Page for more info.


bad shark
          Blacktip shark

back at the dock
           Cero Mackerel
mutton snapper
             Mutton snapper

black grouper
           Black Grouper


             35 lb Amberjack

          Assorted Snappers at the cleaning table

          bad cuda
         Barracuda on light spin gear


·         Departure times are flexible depending on availability, type of fishing and personal preferences

·         Trips include everything we need for the given fishing, all rods, tackle, bait, ice, fishing licenses,ect.


·         Things to bring with you- food and drinks (cooler on boat or bring your own), comfortable shoes boat shoes or sneakers are good)

·         Hat and clothing for sun protection, sunscreen,  SPF lip balm, camera, any personal items needed for the time out on the water.


For reservations and information call Capt. Bob at 305-451-3322.


Note: please put the word “fishing” in the subject line of e-mails to get to my inbox

Thanks Bob 

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