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                                             Key Largo Backcountry/Inshore Reef Fishing 3/20/12

                                    Spring break is here and lots of families with kids in the Keys. Fast action puts smiles on the faces of these young anglers and the waters off Key Largo have not disappointed them. Anglers ranging from 7 to 90 years of age and everything in between. Keeping rods bending means fun and that's what its all about ,so they had allot of fun in the past few weeks and so did I.1/2 day reef has been a solid bet with snappers,hogfish,grouper,macks,shark,cuda,jacks and to many other species to list. Lots of keepers, lots of throw backs and just lots of action all around. Fishing light rods with 12 lb test and medium heavy spin (25 lb test) has been getting the job done. Fishing the inshore rocks and reefs with depths of 10 to 30 feet has kept us in seas not more then about 2 foot even on the windy days. As expected live ballyhoo has been on every spot for baiting up the bigger rods. Shrimp and cut baits on the light tackle. Reef fishing is on.

                                Backcountry has also been very good with the warm winter that seems to be everywhere this year. Limits of trout are common on most all trips. Redfish are around with most fish falling in the slot 18 to 27"  fish are up on the shoreline in the sallow water, not schooled up but a few days we found as many as 10 in one spot. snapper and good size jacks also on the bank and in the creeks. Not on every trip but we have bagged a few nice snook in the past weeks. Most fish 22 to 24" and some fish up to 8lbs all fish were on the bank and better snook fishing has been with a high water condition. Backcountry fishing at this point in time requires a good ride to get to productive fishing so a 3/4 or full day is what is really needed with the travel time at about an hour. Florida Bay is a one of a kind place and it is a neat trip. casting with 10 lb spin is the standard, fishing in 1 to 4 feet of water.

                             Just a quick word on the offshore fishing. Right now the gulf stream is very close and reports of some nice dolphin have been starting to show up. With rough water (4 to 6+) this week I did not go beyond the reef but dolphin fishing should bust open any time now. After all it has been a warm winter and we are almost into April. We did find some 6 to 8 lb fish a week or so back but not schooled as of yet. The next few months are some of the best fishing times here in the Keys

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For reservations and information call Capt. Bob at 305-451-3322


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