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                                                     Key Largo Fishing Report 2/18/13 Backcountry/Inshore Reef

                                            Most of my trips this time of year would be on the inshore reefs but Backcountry fishing in the eastern bay out of key largo has been a reliable option for light tackle fishing.Snook have made a great come back as every spot I looked for them this past week they were there. Most all trips are catching the top three species (snook,trout and redfish) witch is considered a backcountry slam. The majority of  fish we found where around spots with good current flow and close to the mangroves. While casting at the shoreline for snook and reds we are finding some really good sized sea trout as well. Mangrove snapper,crevell jacks and even pompano are in the mix.

Out farther west closer to Flamingo lots of school sized trout while drifting over the grass flats mixed with jacks, ladyfish and a few bluefish. Redfish are on shallow flats with most fish in the slot. Finding the reds one or two at a time in the shallows leaving mud spots and swirls as they cruise. Up in the interior lakes there are still small tarpon, nice reds and big trout. Many of the snook moved in the open bay. A cold front passed threw last night and may temporarily change this pattern to deeper spots but there are a lot of fish in place and after a few warm days it will be back shallow. Casting 10 lb spin with shrimp, jigs and Berkley gulps has been getting the job done.

                                 Inshore reef fishing has been holding up good in the past weeks with a good mix of species and lots of action.Yeasterday while fishing the reefs off Key Largo we got mangrove and mutton snapper,yellowtails,black grouper,hogfish,porgies,cero macks,jacks plus sharks blacktip and lemmons.Fishing 12 lb spin with cut bait and shrimp  while live baiting ballyhoo on 25 lb spin kept us busy all day. Lots of bait in the chum line fishing 15 to 25 feet of water. Backcountry or Inshore on the Atlantic side fishing Key Largo provides light tackle action year round.

                                                                         Tight lines Capt. Bob

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                  reds and nice trout

baby tarpon

                       sea trout and bluefish




                            cero mack and bar jack

spanish mack

mutton and yellowtails


black tip shark

hogfish and snapper

For reservations and information call Capt. Bob at 305-451-3322


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